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Dive Into Tropical Hair Care with Fluff: Your Ultimate Guide to Beach-Proofing Your Locks

Getting ready to rock a glamorous hairdo while sipping a tropical cocktail on the beach this summer? I wanted to send some tips your way from the beautiful beaches of El Salvador, where we are considering opening a Fluff Latin American location where #BitcoinBitcoin evergreenmay end up being your key to unlocking luscious locks at the beach.

As a beauty enthusiast and hair artist from Los Angeles, I’ve always had a thing for beautiful beach hair, so now is my opportunity to share!

Top Tips for Tropical Tress Triumphs

From the humid, tropical locations like where I am today in El Salvador’s paradisiac beaches, hair care may seem like a Herculean task. But fear not, fellow beauty enthusiasts! We’ve got you covered with top tips to tame those tropical tresses.

Tropical Hair Tips by Fluff Denver

1. Hydrate!

Quench your hair’s thirst! A high-quality, hydrating shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair moisturized and manageable, preventing it from turning as dry as a coconut husk.

2. Protect Those Locks

Shelter your hair from the tropical sun wearing hats during peak sun hours. Consider them your hair’s personal beach umbrella! I’d still recommend staying away from most sunscreens, as some ingredients will ruin your hair extensions… permanently! Yet another reminder here!

3. Post-Swim Rinse

After frolicking in the ocean or pool, make sure to rinse your hair. Keep those salt and chlorine monsters at bay!

4. Frizz Fighters

Humidity can turn your hair into a puffy cloud. Anti-frizz serums or sprays are your secret weapon to keep your hair as smooth as the beach sand.

5. Regular Maintenance

Got extensions? Keep them looking beach perfect with regular brushing and extension-friendly products.

6. Call in the Pros

When in doubt, call in the cavalry! Our prospective Fluff salon in El Salvador, accepting Bitcoin, will have your back (and your hair)!

With these tips, you’ll be the queen of beach hair, making waves wherever you go. And remember, whether you’re in Denver, St. Tropez, or El Salvador, Fluff is all about making sure your locks are as luscious as the tropical landscape. Stay tuned for more on our exciting new (very prospective) location!


Happy Fluffing! Here is me fresh off the plane wearing an effortless messy bun on the beach!

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<3 Brittany

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