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DIY vs. Salon Hair Coloring: Why Trusting the Pros Matters


Look, we get it. It feels like the doors are about to fall off the economy and most people are starting to look for ways to save their pennies. Before you find yoruself staring at the box of hair dye in the supermarket aisle, daydreaming about transforming into a smoldering brunette or a vivacious redhead in the comfort of our own bathroom, let’s chat about the colorful world of DIY versus salon hair coloring.


The DIY Downside

DIY hair color kits are kind of like the fast food of the beauty world. They’re cheap, convenient, and the pictures on the box are SO enticing. But just like a fast food burger never quite looks like its glossy ad photo, DIY hair color often doesn’t live up to its box promises. You might end up with a color that’s more ‘fried tomato’ than ‘sultry sunset’. And let’s not even start on the potential straw-like texture. Yikes! If you make a mistake, it can be difficult – and costly – to correct. Every week we see tears after an at home color adventure and while we do amazing work when it comes to color corrections, they can take an entire day to achieve remotely desirable results and let’s face it… corrections are downright expensive since they’re so much work and require so much expertise to bring box dyed hair from zero to hero!


The Salon: Your Personal Color Haven


Contrast that box dye adventure with a trip to Fluff Color and Balayage Salon, and it’s like comparing a frozen dinner to a gourmet meal. When you come to us, you’re not just getting a hair color – you’re getting a masterpiece crafted by artists who live and breathe hair. Our expert colorists consider your hair type, skin tone, lifestyle, and personal style to create a unique color that’s more ‘you’ than you knew ‘you’ could be. Plus, we use top-notch, hair-loving products designed to turn you into a hair goddess.


Preserving Your Hair’s Health


Professional hair colorists are like chemists with a flair for style. They understand the science behind hair coloring and know how to properly prepare your hair, apply the color, and minimize any damage. Plus, they can give you a whole haircare regimen to maintain that ‘fresh from the salon’ look longer. Think of them as your personal hair superheroes, fighting against the forces of dullness and damage! Even our Fluff ‘New Talent’ stylists know how to properly prepare your hair and apply the color to minimize damage.


My Thoughts After Several Decades of Box Dye Corrections and Many Kleenex Boxes for Tears


While DIY hair color might seem tempting, it’s like going on a blind date – unpredictable and a little risky. Trusting the pros at Fluff Color and Balayage Salon is like settling down with a trustworthy partner who knows what’s best for you (at least in terms of your hair!). So why not skip the uncertainty and book your appointment today? After all, you’re not just coloring your hair, you’re boosting your confidence and expressing your personality. And that’s worth entrusting to the pros. Your appointment at Fluff may end up saving you a lot of tears… and money.

<3 Brittany

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