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Fluff is one of Denver’s top providers for hair extensions and maintenance.


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Fluff offers top quality 100% human Remy hair, which may either be clipped, or taped into the hair.

At Fluff Denver, our philosophy is to source top-quality human hair and to combine an excellent product with a superior consultation, and to offer an outstanding level of service.

Fluff extensions specialists and color artists can color match and expertly blend clip-in or tape-in hair to match to compliment your own hair, in most cases making Fluff Extensions virtually undetectable.


Fluff is Denver’s one-stop salon and is Denver’s finest shop for both clip-in (removable) or tape-in (semi-permanent) extensions.

Fluff sources high quality 100% human hair from Russia, Brazil, and around the world.  Because very high-quality hair is used in all of our services at Fluff, our expert color artists are able to blend, color match, install, and completely customize your hair as if it were your own.


Tape-In Hair:

Our semi-permanent tape in extensions are of some of the very finest quality and are installed by Fluff’s Master Artists. They can be perfectly matched, colored and blended, even ombre’d, and are taped into your own hair to give you the extra hair you need year round to look your best.

With the quality of hair that we use at Fluff and the attention, passion and expertise that we put into our extensions services, Fluff is Denver and Colorado’s choice for tape-in hair.  Tape-in hair requires regular maintenance and care and should be re-tabbed every 4-6 weeks.  Results vary depending on the individual, and not everyone is a good candidate for tape-in hair.

Clip-In Hair:

Clip-ins are for the “weekend warrior” indeed. Would you like a little extra hair to perfect a particular style or look that you are trying to achieve? Do you have a special occasion that you would like to look absolutely phenomenal and glamorous for without altering your regular day-to-day look? Clip-ins may be for you. Our clip-ins are custom tailored to perfectly match and/or compliment your natural hair color and style.

Clip-in hair can provide an alternative to more permanent solutions that are easily installed by a Fluff Artist whenever you feel like it…and you can easily remove them yourself! Clip-ins are a great alternative to tape-ins or other semi-permanent extensions, as they often do not cause damage and breakage, as semi-permanents can over time.

We recommend clip-in extensions for virtually every bride-to-be that comes to Fluff, as clip-ins are an inexpensive way to create new options and really expand upon what we are able to do with the hair.   Additional hair is often essential to achieving the most glamorous and memorable bridal hairstyles.

And remember with clip-ins, your clip-in hair is yours to keep and re-use time and time again, whenever you feel like it!

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Brittany Chambers, Celebrity Stylist and Fluff Founder

Hair extensions may not be for everyone. Call us at 720.295.3583 to schedule a complimentary consultation or to ask any questions that you may have, as this is our area of expertise.  You may also book your complimentary consultation online via our 24 hour booking system.  We have over 14 years of experience working with hair extensions and are here to help you.  All hair sales are final.

Already have extensions? Great! Here are some tips to help keep them looking great!