Denver Balayage Salons are the trend and Balayage is potentially the hottest color service to hit Denver and perhaps even the hair industry as a whole in the past 25 years.


You’ve probably heard of balayage and you certainly know people who are addicted to and swear by it…  But what exactly is Balayage?
What is Balayage? The service itself is a technique for highlighting hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.  The end result is a romantic, multi-dimensional effect resulting in a softer grow out.  The balayage service looks beautiful on all skin tones and face shapes enhancing natural hair color with sun-kissed dimension or pre-existing permanent hair color.  Our expert Denver colorists know how to “keep it natural” or create a more dramatic look.


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Is balayage the right service for me?  To discover if the balayage service is the right service for you, I recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our master balayage artists. BOOK NOW  During the consultation you and your Denver colorist will have the opportunity to meet and communicate in our relaxed and comfortable consultation area over a beverage of your choosing such as a  refreshing glass of champagne or hot coffee.  At our Denver salon, your balayage specialist will be able to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the balayage service and create a customized hair color look based on your lifestyle and hair care needs.

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What is the maintenance like with balayage?  During your complimentary consultation, your Denver colorist will have the opportunity to go more in-depth on the maintenance and at home care of your balayage service.  On average, the balayage service is lower maintenance than your typical foil highlighting service requiring a touch up of your balayage 2 – 3x per year.  The service itself is a longer salon visit than a regular color service. However, at our Denver Salon and Balayage Bar, we have created an environment to support relaxation.  We have available for your enjoyment, modern musical beats, champagne, coffee, tea, phone chargers, the most current magazines, wifi, and a tranquil outdoor courtyard to support a rejuvenating guest experience.


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How do I schedule a balayage service?  To schedule a balayage service at our Denver balayage salon, click on our booking link: BOOK NOW and either schedule a consultation or the balayage service or call us, 720.295.3583, we would be happy to finalize your reservation.  You can also find out more about Denver Balayage salon services by visiting our Balayage and Color Bar website link.

We look forward to sharing our passion for balayage with you, having you in our Denver balayage salon and taking care of you and your beauty needs.

For more information on the fine Italian products we use in our balayage services at our Denver locations, including the Salon at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, visit Alter Ego Italy’s website.



Article by Celebrity Stylist and Fluff Salon Color Educator,

Brittany Chambers