T3 SoftCurl Diffuser



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The T3 SoftCurl Diffuser is designed to volumize, define curls and eliminate frizz for curly, fine or hard-to-manage hair. Its vented finger extensions distribute heat gently and evenly to speed up drying while lifting and separating hair for enhanced volume and body.

  • Compatible with T3 Cura or Cura Luxe dryers only
  • Even heat distribution prevents overdrying, leaving hair smooth and shiny
  • How to use:
  • Attach the diffuser to a T3 Cura or Cura Luxe dryer
  • Select your optimal heat setting on the dryer, then blow-dry hair, focusing at the roots
  • While drying, “scrunch” the hair with the diffuser from ends to roots to create defined waves and curls

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Weight 2 lbs


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