Denver Fall Hair Ideas

Hey, Fluff Fans! Let’s Talk Fall Haircare 🍂




Why Change It Up?

Okay, so it’s pumpkin spice latte season and you’re living for the sweater weather. But, hey, don’t forget your hair needs some seasonal lovin’, too! The air’s getting dry, and trust me, your locks will feel it.


Step 1: Chill on the Shampoo

Swap your regular shampoo for something gentler. Look for sulfate-free stuff that doesn’t dry out your hair. Oats and chamomile? Yes, please!


Step 2: Go Deep (Conditioning, That Is)

Your hair’s screaming for moisture. Listen to it! Slap on a deep conditioning mask once a week, and say buh-bye to frizz.


Step 3: Serum is Your New BFF

Lock in that moisture with a kick-butt serum. Keratin-based serums are where it’s at. Don’t skip this step! Talk with a knowledgable Fluff artist for ideas that are best for your hair type!


Step 4: Be Kind to Your Hair, Use Heat Protectant

Even if you’re just blow-drying, don’t forget a heat protectant. Treat your hair like you’d treat your skin. No sunburns, no heat damage.


Step 5: Get Your Fall Style On

Feel like changing up your look? Fall is the perfect time for it. Go for those loose waves or that chic bun. Have fun!


Fluff’s Got Your Back with EgoLine

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