Parking is a pain downtown.  We know how you feel.  We have an easy solution for you: We have partnered with Uber, so you can use discount code “fluffbar” for $25 off your first Uber ride.

If you haven’t heard of Uber yet or are still waiting to try it, it is the amazing affordable limousine service that isn’t much more expensive than a regular taxi.  If you haven’t tried Uber yet to get to Fluff, then you are definitely missing out on a luxurious ride rather than searching for parking hi and low and peeling a ticket off your windshield.
Download the Uber app on your phone (or have one of your girlfriends in your group make a new account) to save $25 and skip the parking hassle and be able to enjoy that extra champagne cocktail on your way to Fluff Bar at 1516 Wazee Street in Downtown Denver. #uberrocks #uberdiscount