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Protect Your Hair from the Summer Heat: Tips from Fluff Bar – Denver Color and Balayage Hair Salon

Hey there, sun worshippers! We know you’re excited to soak up some rays and enjoy all that summer has to offer, but don’t forget about your fabulous locks! The heat, sun, chlorine, and saltwater can take a toll on your hair. But fear not, Fluff Bar is here to help you protect your tresses from the summer sizzle with these fun and easy tips!

Slather on the Sunscreen (for Your Hair!)

Wait, what? Sunscreen for your hair? That’s right! Your hair, especially if it’s color-treated, needs protection from those harsh UV rays just like your skin does. Look for leave-in conditioners and hair sprays with built-in UV protection to keep your mane looking vibrant and healthy all summer long. At your next consultation with us, we have some great products to recommend from Alter Ego Italy!

Chlorine and Saltwater: The Dynamic Duo of Hair Havoc

Nothing says summer like a refreshing dip in the pool or the ocean, but chlorine and saltwater can be your hair’s worst enemies. Before you dive in, wet your hair with fresh water to help prevent it from absorbing too much chlorine or salt. After your swim, rinse your hair thoroughly and use a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue. Your hair will thank you!

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Hot temperatures can leave your hair parched and thirsty. Quench its craving for moisture by using deep conditioning treatments, hair masks, and leave-in conditioners. Don’t forget to visit Fluff Bar for a professional hydrating treatment to give your locks that extra boost of moisture they deserve!

Rock a Chic Summer Updo

Give your hair a break from heat styling tools and embrace the art of the summer updo! Buns, braids, and ponytails are not only stylish but also help protect your hair from sun exposure and tangles. Plus, they’re perfect for showing off those stunning sunnies and statement earrings!

Visit Fluff Bar for Summer Hair Care Essentials

Ready to give your hair the ultimate summer vacay? At Fluff Bar – Denver Color and Balayage Hair Salon, we’ve got you covered with our range of hair care services and products specially designed to keep your tresses looking fabulous all season long. Book an appointment today, and let’s make this summer a hair-venture to remember!


Embrace the Power of Hair Accessories

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun and colorful hair accessories. From headbands and scarves to hair clips and scrunchies, these little wonders can not only elevate your look but also provide extra protection against sun damage. Plus, they’re a fabulous way to keep your hair off your neck and stay cool in the summer heat.

Turn Down the Heat (on Your Styling Tools)

Give your hair a break from heat styling this summer by opting for heat-free methods to create gorgeous waves, curls, or sleek looks. Try air-drying your hair, using braids or twists for natural waves, or wrapping your hair in a silk scarf overnight to maintain smoothness. Your hair will appreciate the vacation from heat styling, and you’ll save time getting ready for those summer parties!

Trim Those Ends

Keep your hair looking fresh and healthy this summer by scheduling regular trims at Fluff Bar. By removing split ends and maintaining your haircut, you’ll prevent further damage and enjoy a well-groomed summer look. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a new summer-inspired hairstyle!

Stay Cool and Protect Your Hair with Fluff Bar – Denver Color and Balayage Hair Salon

Summer is all about fun, sun, and enjoying the great outdoors, but don’t forget to give your hair some love, too! With these tips and the expertise of Fluff Bar’s talented team, you’ll be rocking gorgeous, healthy hair all summer long. Book an appointment today, and let us help you create the perfect summer hair care routine. Stay cool, and happy summer!


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