Clip-In Hair Extensions Special – 100% Top Quality Human Hair



Fluff Clip-In Hair Extensions

Want a little bit more hair to glam up for your favorite styles?  We source some of the finest quality human hair from around the world and bring it to The Fluff Hair Extensions Bar, where Fluff Master Hair Artists and Extensions Experts bring it to you!

Fluff is offering a clip-in hair extensions special that you won’t want to miss: Perfectly matched and installed 18″ clip-in hair extensions for $175. Upgrades to 22″ hair are available.


This Extensions Bar Special includes:

  •  a full expert consultation
  • 100% top quality real human hair
  • installation and styled to perfection.

You may either purchase this special online or at the Fluff Extensions Bar.

Set up your completely complimentary consultation by calling 720.295.3583 or booking a consultation online.

* not everyone is a good candidate for hair extensions.  hair extensions attach to your natural hair and may cause breakage.  please research hair extensions prior to getting hair extensions.
** there may be additional charges for color matching in some cases


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