One of our favorite product lines out there for the hair comes from Kevin Murphy.
Kevin Murphy is an Australian Master Stylist and one of the world’s top session artists. If you haven’t tried his product line, you need to head to your nearest Kevin Murphy Salon.
Kevin Murphy has just released a new Plumping line that prevents hair loss while encouraging growth and thickening and “plumping” the hair. There are three products in this new line-up that you should know about:
Plumping Wash – designed to help thicken and “plump up” thinning hair, while helping to helping to prevent hair loss.
Plumping Rinse – aims to lengthen the growing phase for thicker, stronger hair and repairs and protects against weather damage, dryness, and brittleness.
Body Mass – a dual-purpose combination of a treatment and styling product that strengthens and grows hair.
As with all of Kevin Murphy’s products, the highest quality natural and organic ingredients are sourced and used and the products are amazing for the scalp and skin as well as the hair.
We will try it out and will let you know what we think!