Fluff’s Color Bar is always striving to provide world class services and has always used some of the finest imported color lines in the world. With the North American release of Alter Ego Italy, we couldn’t be more excited to stay ahead of trend and offer the very best.

Alter Ego Era

With Alter Ego Italy launching its lines in the USA, it’s time to get ready for the runway, or let the sidewalk be your runway with some of the most beautiful color in your hair brought to you by some of Denver’s best artists at Fluff. Fluff is also pleased to announce a brand new and surprisingly even more affordable color menu.

Alter Ego Italy has been one of the top color brands in Italy (and other European Countries) for over 25 years. Alter Ego is known for making some of the finest color and products the world has to offer. The colors are breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant. Some of the techniques promoted by the line are game changing. The blondes are incredible and the tonality throughout the Alter Ego line is spot on.

Having been chosen to be one of the first salons in the USA to get their hands on the Alter Ego Itlay color line at its Denver location, Fluff artists couldn’t be more excited.

Fluff Founder, Celebrity Stylist, and Master Colorist Brittany Chambers has also been selected for Alter Ego’s National Color Education Team and is training at the Alter Ego Academy outside of Venice, Italy.

Chambers has been an educator for several other color lines, though Chambers claims Alter Ego Italy is “absolutely a game-changer.” “The results I am getting from Alter Ego are unlike any from any color line I’ve used and I’m completely obsessed!”

Having been an educator for two color lines, Chambers definitely knows her color and is among Denver’s top colorists.

Come see what Italy has to offer with Alter Ego Italy color at Fluff’s Color Bar… and we think you will agree that some things simply are worth waiting for, such as Alter Ego Italy color making its way to North Anmerica after 25 years of success in Europe.

Ask about a complementary consultation at Fluff to learn the trends for 2016 and to help find your hair’s “Alter Ego”.

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