By Fluff Beauty Expert Brittany Chambers – Written for Modeliste Magazine:



Nothing can beat the feeling of a sleek and sexy salon quality blowout.  To ensure your bounce will last for days follow these 7 easy tips and tricks to make your blowout last all week!

1.  Less is more.  If at all possible ask your stylist to avoid using Serums and shines enhancing sprays.  As lovely as the  products smell and leave your hair at first, these products attract dirt and dust in the air causing your blowout to not last as long.


2. Sleep on a natural silk pillow case.  Silk allows your scalp to breath preventing your head from sweating while sleeping.   A natural silk pillowcase won’t ruffle up your hair cuticle which causes the un-sexy bed head look.  Silk is also great for your skin preventing wrinkles.   Try: Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase With Copper Oxide

3. Before resting your head down on your silk pillow case for a good night sleep wrap your hair up into a high, very high bun.  Be sure to only use Bobbie pins, not a hair tie. Try:Sephora Ombre Bobby Pin Ups

sephora bobby pin ups
4.  Wear a shower cap when taking a shower.  The steam from the shower can cause your hair to frizz and or go flat. Try: Dry Bar Morning After Cap

Dry Bar Shower Cap

5. Use dry shampoo to freshen up your hair on days 2 – 5.  Our favorite is Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair.  Shake well, spray at the root area. Wait for the product to absorb unwanted oil then with a towel gently rub.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair

6.  To help the ends of your hair looking smooth, shiny and healthy and to keep your hair smelling yummy, consider using a dry conditioner.  Dry conditioner such as Purology Fresh Approach Dry Condition consists of an oil and protein that has been highly micronized into a fine mist to help detangle and smooth frizzy and dry hair

Purology Fresh Approach Dry Condition

7. If you have fine hair and wish you could go longer than a day without washing your hair and enjoy your professional blowout longer.  Try using slip on extensions.  This will give you more volume allowing you to go longer in between shampoos.    Try: Halo Hair Extensions


-Brittany Chambers