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Hair Care in the Mile-High City: How Denver’s Altitude Affects Your Hair

Hey Denverites! Ever noticed your hair behaving a bit…oddly since moving to the Mile-High City? Feels a little dry? Struggling with static? That’s your locks adjusting to life at high altitude. Welcome to the wonderful world of mile-high hair! Let’s talk a little bit about the science of it all, as moving here from Los Angeles was definitely a bit of an adjustment for me and I’d love to share my experiences with my Fluff fans!

The Mile-High Hair Phenomenon

The thin, dry air of Denver can be tough on your hair, plain and simple. The lack of humidity can leave hair parched and prone to static. I’ve also noticed the water is different than LA’s finest (I prefer the water here at this point and I feel my hair even feels a little cleaner after shampoo and conditioner!). If you’re finding your hair to be a challenge in Denver, maybe you just need to get to know your new hair-needs and a consultation at Fluff is always a great place to start!

The Science of High Altitude Hair

At higher altitudes, the air is drier and there’s less pressure, which can leave your hair feeling parched and prone to static electricity. This can lead to hair damage, breakage, and a lackluster appearance.

High Altitude Heroes for Your Hair

The right products here I’ve found can make a huge difference and make your hair more beautiful and managable. I’d like to introduct you to high altitude hair care: the Alter Ego Italy Urban Proof line. These bad boys are like your personal hair bodyguards, protecting against environmental stress and keeping your locks luscious.

Embrace Your Mile-High Hair Journey

Living in Denver means embracing the ups and downs (mostly ups, let’s be honest) of life at high altitude. Your hair is just part of that journey! Treat it with a little extra care and it’ll stay as fabulous as the Denver skyline.

So go conquer that mile-high hair with confidence, whether your at the big Nuggets game tonight or enjoyed your Sunday out hiking. And remember, Fluff Denver Salon is always here to help you navigate the highs and lows of your hair journey.

<3 Brittany


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