Five Steps For a Successful Hair and
Makeup Trial Run – Brought to you by Fluff Denver

Once you have decided on what salon will be taking care of the beauty portion of your special day, it’s
time to set up your appointment for your Trial Run. The trial run should be done 4 – 6 weeks before your
wedding date. During the trial run, you and your artist will be working together to create your perfect look.

  1. A picture speaks a thousand words. Bring LOTS and LOTS of pictures of hair and makeup that
    you like. Creating a PDF of a story board is so helpful for your artist. A collaboration of pictures
    communicates so clearly to your artist what your style is, what looks you like and the feeling of
    your wedding.
  2. Day old hair is best. Arrive to your trail run appointment with day old hair. Freshly washed hair
    will not hold an up-do, it is too slippery and your style will just fall out. Your hair is your artists
  3. Trial runs are just as much fun as shopping for a wedding dress! Bring friends and family if you
    like and take lots of pictures to document the event. It is so much fun working with your artist and
    participating in the creative process of your wedding day look.
  4. If possible, bring any hair ornaments that you will be wearing on your wedding day and/or your
  5. Come with an open mind and a voice. The purpose of the trial run is to create your wedding day
    look. Your artist wants to make sure that you feel not only absolutely glamorous but you also feel
    comfortable in your look. If something doesn’t feel or look right, communicate with your artist.
    You are the director of your own show, direct your artist. Utilize their expertise and communicate
    what is working for you and also what is not working for you. Enjoy the creative process of
    creating your perfect look with your beauty artist.
    By following theses easy steps you are sure to have a successful and most importantly fun trial run!