By Featured Author and Denver Makeup Artist,

Jami Rayburg



Summer has arrived in Denver and makeup trends are taking a step back to focus on natural beauty.


Major influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Alicia keys and Bella Hadid are shedding some light on what it means to be naturally beautiful.

At Fluff Denver, we are seeing popularity on light foundation such as B.B. creams, golden bronzer and highlight, natural looking eyebrows and eyelash extensions. B.B. creams allow your skin to show through and don’t completely change the appearance and color of your skin. Golden bronzer and highlight help make you look healthy and naturally bronzed and glowing. We also see the popularity growing for brow tinting brushes, such as the Glossier boy brow. It is easy to apply and results in very natural looking brows.

Last but not least, eyelash extensions are all the buzz right now. Eyelash extensions are individual strands of mink hair that are glued to your natural lash. They typically last for 2-4 weeks and require very little maintenance. No need for mascara or gluing fake eyelashes to your eyes every morning. You can wake up and be ready to go!

Another hot trend this Summer is makeup parties instead of “blow-dry” or other beauty parties.  Over the last handful of years “blowout” parties had gained in popularity for groups of girls, where groups of women would come to a salon and everyone would leave with clean styled hair.  Since professional makeup is just so fun and makes such a huge difference, my prediction is that make-up parties will reign supreme this Summer as groups of girls will opt to host professional makeup parties over blowout parties in Denver!

If you’d like a makeup consultation or to explore the hottest trends in Makeup in Denver, come to Fluff and ask for me, Jami!

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About the author:

Jami Rayburg is native to Colorado and is one of Fluff’s hottest up and coming hair and makeup artists.  Jami is bookable online at:  At Fluff, Jami uses a variety of makeup lines and is proud to be among the first in the USA to feature Alika Cosmetics of Italy.

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