Salon Guidelines

The State of Colorado has released a number of guidelines for salons and salon professionals to comply with in order to re-open and perform services.

We are excited to celebrate life and beauty while keeping you and ourselves safe! We sincerely appreciate your patience, support and understanding as we implement these new measures.


Checking In


Only those with an appointment are permitted in the salon

When you arrive, text the salon and wait outside at the designated areas. The number to text will be posted outside. Fortunately our salon is very large, so we are still able to provide a comfortable experience.

Come wearing a “loop mask” that goes behind your ears, not the kind that ties around your head. If you arrive without a face mask we have non-disposable washable face masks available for purchase. $20 (plus tax)

Your temperature will be taken before you walk into the salon Hand sanitizer will be given to you when you enter the salon

You will be taken to your stylist’s chair. Please try not to leave that area.




Temporarily unavailable:

We sincerely regret that many of our usual Fluff offerings are temporarily unavailable due to the new Covid-19 salon guidelines.

Beverages service of any kind




Anything that would require you to remove your mask. This is for the safety of you, our team, and our other guests.

Cash payments temporarily are not accepted




Our stock of retail is sanitized and kept safe in the back. If there is something you would like to purchase, we will have it ready for you.

We accept all major credit cards and Venmo. We are unable to accept cash or PayPal as a form of payment during this time.

If you are tech savvy, we do have touch-less payment systems in place. If not, we have sanitized stylus for you to use to finalize your credit card payment.



Team Members

Each team member will be wearing a mask Each team members temperature is taken at the beginning of the day

Each station, tray and shampoo area will be disinfected with an EPA approved sanitizer after each guest

Team members will be sanitizing their hands when entering a new room/area

* We will not be “double booking” *

Door handles /knobs will be disinfected after every use Our working areas are all 6 feet apart.

For the time being we will sadly not be greeting you with a hand shake or hug.