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Trends, Must Haves, and Bridal Beauty


By Katelyn Beske – Master Artist and Colorist


What kind of bride do you want to be?

With all the pressure to stand out and make your wedding an absolute hit, a little guidance never hurts. Here are some ideas for every style AND bride.

Invitations may seem like a small detail, however, not only are they starting the theme of your big day, but they are welcoming loved ones into it, as well.

You will find that metallic and simple is a huge trend this year. Even for your invites. Textured, matte paper with big, metallic lettering makes for a bold reminder for your big day.




This day in age, we have access to so many websites and stationary companies, it is so simple to customize your save-the-date’s. Custom shapes – think iconic buildings, states – are in high demand this wedding season.

My recommendation for creating invitations is Zazzle:




Colors for your Wedding

One of the hardest things to do, as I have heard from so many of my brides in the past, is to choose your wedding colors. This year, brides are blushing for color. Pun definitely intended. Any form of blush – rosé, nude, peach, or just your ordinary blush pink – will not fail you this year. In almost every trial run I have had thus far for wedding season, the blush color scheme has been a very popular topic.




If you can’t tell from the pictures, (which I’m sure it will be a reoccurring trend, as well) peonies are THE flower of the season. Fully bloomed or even beautiful buds, a bouquet with peonies is so “in” this year.

A great accent color to your white/ivory and blush combination, is teal. Any form or shade of teal will bounce off of each other in this color combination in a bright and bold, yet romantic way.



For the brides who are a bit darker, for lack of better words, snorkel blue falls in the navy family but has such a delicate and radiant look. I would definitely fall into this category if I were planning my own wedding. So many things you can do, and having such a bold color to intermix really spices things up.



Fun, trendy additions to your decor and theme –

  • Lights – Whether you have an indoor, chic wedding with crystal chandeliers or you’re going for more of a rustic theme, maybe outdoors (big hit in this gorgeous state), with string lights hanging over your dance floor. They make for a more dreamy environment. Best part is they can potentially work for any budget or theme.
  • Two words; Photo. Booth. Whether it be an actual photo booth you sit in, with a curtain to close behind you, or just a bench with a camera man and tons of goofy props, photo booths catch moments throughout the night that your hired photographer won’t.

It’s time to say yes to the dress. You need a few month advance on picking out the most important outfit of your life. You need time to add your details – jewelry, flowers, accent colors – with some time to tailor your dress, as well, if needed.

This year, illusion lace is stepping up to the plate. These dresses are daring and sheer, yet still soft and elegant. Don’t take it too far, however, or at least warn grandma ahead of time. The best part about the illusion lace is how much detail it can add to your look. Having a sheer back with a floral focus, or even sheer sleeves with a lace detail all the way down. I adore this look.

As for necklines, sweethearts are so out. This year, A-lines are coming back, only on a more dramatic scale. A deep A-line can take your whole look home. It is fearless and forward and is form flattering for almost every body type.

Here are some of my favorite looks for the future brides:



Notice all of the detail. Whether it be on the back, neckline, or sleeves, the sheer look will be sure to please the eyes of your guests and without fail, your husband-to-be.

Now, for my favorite part, this is where my professional expertise comes into play. Beauty. In order for your big day to go as smooth as possible, you need to have ultimate trust in your beauty expert.

This year, less is more. When it comes to your wedding day make-up, a bold lip with a natural eye is more dramatic than you think. Some women, however, are not comfortable with bold lips and would rather look more like themselves in their everyday routine, just a bit more polished. This is more recognizable to their future husband, which in turn, makes the bride feel more comfortable.

Comfortability is key. Every bride is different. If I were having a wedding tomorrow, I would definitely do a bold lip, I love that look. However, I wear bold lips on occasion with my daily outfits. My sister, however, does not ever wear a bold lip, and in turn would prefer a more dramatic eye with a softer, more natural lip. Both looks are lavish and brilliant. One request this season, please don’t incorporate a bold lip with an extreme eye. You will not look or feel like yourself and you will look back and have major regret. Your look needs to be timeless.

Helpful hint; metallics on your face tend to glare in photographs. Keep that in mind. As your photographer edits every picture an

As for hair, it all depends on the way your dress is cut. A high cut neckline needs hair out of the way to show off the detail of your gown. However, a deep cut back leaves room to play. Up, down, half-up, this neckline cut gives you options. What woman doesn’t love options?

In either situation, effortless is the look you want to strive for. Loose waves and messy updos are trendy this season. One request I keep getting after having such a huge wedding season last year, and trying so many looks and styles, is sewing in your updo. It is effortless and the best part – no bobby pins!

Here is some of my work I picked out from my recent trial runs that can sprout some ideas for the upcoming brides of 2016. Timeless looks which can help with ideas for your big day.

Bold lips, soft eyes –



Natural lip, dramatic eyes –



It happens far too often, brides bring in inspirational pictures (which I LOVE, they put your stylist and you on the same page. Sometimes, interpreting a description isn’t as accurate as seeing a vision in person.) and the pictures they show me will simply not work with their hair. Why? Easy. They are lacking either body, length, or in rare cases, just dimension. In other words, they don’t have enough hair. The pictures I usually get for inspiration are from pinterest/google images and are so enthralling simply because they have extensions. In rare cases, some lucky gals have enough length and body and can get away with not adding more, however, for most of us, we need more in order to achieve our overall goal look.

Prepping your hair for your big day is something you need to take into consideration. Trial runs are crucial. I can not stress that enough. You want to feel prepared on your big day. You do not want to be stressing morning-of about your beauty needs. That is why you need a talented, trustworthy stylist. Do your research.

Extensions are a big factor when it comes to achieving a certain look for your hair. Even if you think you have enough hair for the incredible pinterest inspiration you found, you probably don’t. Adding more will never hurt. Clip-in extensions are what I typically recommend for brides as they are the most versatile and temporary. Bonus; you can have your hair artist hold and pre-style your extensions, easier process for your hectic morning.

Tape-ins are a more permanent option. Lasting anywhere from 3-5 months, tape-in extensions will have your hair looking like you should be in a shampoo commercial long after your big day.

Choosing which extensions are right for you and your desired look is based on personal preference. The biggest question to ask yourself when deciding; are you willing to take care of all of that beautiful hair, all the time? Looks great when your hair is actually styled, however, it is more high maintenance. To each their own.

Here are some pre-wedding extension clients who prepared accordingly;




Noticeably, your hair color is something to factor into your budget as well. Not only will your color look good for your pictures which will last a lifetime, but you will be all set and ready-to-go for your honeymoon. I highly suggest not trying out a new stylist right before your wedding. Develop a relationship with your stylist, let them know your personality and lifestyle before they changes your look for your big day.

Lastly, here are some updo ideas to leave you with –


The first image started with a pinterest inspiration. I added some clip-in extensions and went to work. She loved it and kept raving on how it was better than the picture she had brought in. In no way am I trying to boast myself, although I did love this look, I am simply trying to prove that the inspirational picture is just that, inspiration. We are not trying to repeat this look in its entirety. It is a rough draft. Something to put both you and your stylist on the same page. Never expect an exact duplicate.

The second picture is all of her natural hair. Although she was blessed with her hair genes, she also was looking for a very specific look. This being her trial run, we had plenty of time to try different looks. We got her look down with just one style and minor tweaks. What I’m trying to say is; make sure you talk to your hair artist. Make sure they are understanding your vision. If it’s not looking like you had imagined, communicate.

The third image is just the opposite. This bride had high hopes with her inspirational pictures. With hair so fine and so incredibly thin, she came in knowing we would have to add more hair. She wanted a big style with a fat braid associated in some way. After adding more hair, we got everything pinned up and into place. I then associated a braid simply by taking yet ANOTHER extension, braiding it with lots of product so it would stay just how I wanted, and wrapped it around this already gorgeous look. Duplicating this look on her actual wedding day was so quick and simple, as I had all the hair styled and ready-to-go when she walked in that morning.





Overall, be you. This is your day. No one else’s. Don’t let your older sister or your future mother-in-law make all the important decisions based on what they would want. You will look back on this day and have major regrets if you don’t do it exactly like you have been imagining since you were a little girl. Good luck, have fun and don’t stress! Everything will go exactly as it should, even if it doesn’t. I promise you’ll understand what I mean when it’s over. Afterall, it’s your wedding day!





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