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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve my wedding date? 

To reserve the time and the artists for your wedding we require an approved service agreement and a credit card number to have on file.  Our bride artistry team is in very high demand, so please try to reserve as early as possible, as availability is constantly changing.

You may elect to pre-pay for your services and for your party.  By pre-paying your guests will enjoy our very best pricing and a more streamlined service and checkout experience on the day of the event.  All services and guests must be completed on a single easy-to-complete online service agreement through this option.

The checkout process can take up to 30 min on the day of the wedding.  By pre-paying the checkout process is virtually eliminated, creating an even more fun and enjoyable experience where everyone can focus on just celebrating you!  All services/guests must be completed on one transaction through the pre-payment link.


Do the bridal packages include a Trial Run / Bridal Preview?

Yes, all of the bridal packages include a one and a half hour trial run.  By choosing a bridal package, which is available through our service agreement, we reserve same artist for both your trial run / bridal preview and your wedding date.   To help your artists prepare for your trial please email us inspirational pictures of hair and/or makeup.  In between your bridal preview and your wedding date, artists perfect your look on models or doll-heads.  At Fluff, a lot of work goes into your wedding and beauty behind the scenes.  We believe a bridal preview to be imperative to a beautiful and well coordinated wedding, which is why we have designed all of our packages to be inclusive of this service.


What is the difference between a Trial Run / Bridal Preview and “Event Hair/Makeup”?

A trial run service is different from an “event hair” or “event makeup” service.  Detailed notes and pictures are taken during the trial run service of what technique, products and tools are being used for your  hair and makeup to ensure your artist can re-create your look.  In addition, through the bridal package the same artists that did your trial run service will be reserved for your wedding date.  Through your package, understanding that your key artists are human as well and an “act of god”  could happen, we also reserve two additional Master Bridal Artists to be your key artist’s understudy.  Your understudies work behind the scenes with your key artists and are briefed in full on your wedding day details and are practiced in of how to execute your wedding day look.   If you are debating between a few different hair and or makeup looks, a trial run is a great service to “try on”  the look, experience how you feel with a look, and see how you like the look in a photograph.   A trial run is a “sketch” enabling the artist to perform a few different looks within the hour.   The artist does not spend a lot of time perfecting and detailing the look, as is done during the wedding day service.  A trial run is similar to wedding dress shopping: It is designed to help you decide on your wedding day look and provides a forum to provide feedback with your artist in order to create the most beautiful look possible that feels absolutely perfect for the big day celebration.


Can I make a trial run before finalizing the service agreement. 

Yes, a “trial run” can be reserved independently of a package.  Often brides (and others wishing to have a preview of how they will look on the day of the event) will even book multiple trials before deciding on a look or a particular artist.  Trial runs booked independently of a bridal package are $100/hr per artist.   A trial run reservation without a completed and approved service agreement does not guarantee artist availability nor your preferred time and the trial run, since availability is constantly changing, and can not later be applied towards a package. 


When should I schedule my trial run?

We recommend scheduling your trial run 2 – 4 weeks before your wedding date.  Trial runs are schedule Tuesday – Friday.


Can you hold my wedding date without a completed service agreement?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of inquiries we are unable to hold your wedding date without a completed service agreement.   The number of artists and the type of artists (hair and or makeup) and the amount of time reserved for the beauty portion of your day is based on the details on your completed service agreement.  We will always do our best to accommodate last minute additions, though our Bridal Beauty Team is very precise and artist availability is limited.


Can my wedding party change their minds with what service they would like to have done?

Our goal as a team is to ensure the beauty portion of the day is a fun, enjoyable, stress free and runs on time.  We create a time and service schedule for your bride artistry team based on the information on the completed service agreement.  The amount of time and the number of hair and makeup artists are also reserved based on the information on the completed service agreement.  Through the pre-payment option, all services reserved are final.  Through the PDF order agreement and deposit option, you have up until 60 days before your wedding date to make adjustments to the services requested on the service agreement.  Your bride artistry team will make every effort to accommodate any last-minute additions, however we cannot make any guarantee  that they can accommodate the last-minute additions as this can adversely affect scheduling.


How many guests can you accommodate/ Do you have a minimum?

No celebration is too big or too small.   We believe that the beauty portion of your day should be an enjoyable and social experience and our goal is to complete your entire party within 1 – 3 hours depending upon party size and services desired.  For parties of 6+ our  beauty suite with a balcony overlooking our beautiful courtyard will automatically be reserved for you at no additional charge.  If you and your guests would like to enjoy our dressing room and reserve the beauty suite for additional time to change and take pictures, you can reserve the suite for $400/hr.  In addition to our beauty suite  our courtyard is truly an oasis in Downtown Denver and is perfect for entertaining, you are welcome to bring food and alcoholic beverages into Fluff at no additional charge, and we have a full kitchen for catering, baking and cooking (additional charges may apply).


Does the Bride Artistry Team Travel? 

Yes.  All “on- location” services include travel within 20 miles of the Fluff-Bar location. Beyond 20
miles, a fee of $1/mile ($1/mile one way. Fee is only applicable one way, and not round trip)
will be added to the service total. For travel more than 2 hours by car from the Fluff Downtown Denver location and/or with a beauty service start time of 8am or earlier, an additional fee will be charged for hotel accommodations or wedding party could provide accommodations.
Weddings booked requiring flight transportation will require flight and hotel accommodations and are subject to availability.  Mileage fees do not apply to destination weddings, which are out of state or out of the country, where accommodations and air travel are provided for the artists.


Can you open earlier for my wedding?

We consider “normal” business hours to be 9am – 7pm.  There will be a convenience fee of
$50 per hour added to the service total of services booked outside of normal business hours
or on holidays.


Do you have a portfolio of previous work?

We occasionally post most of our recent work on our Instagram and Facebook pages.




What products and tools does your salon use?

We are excited to say we are one of the first salons to carry the very exclusive Alter Ego Italy line, Cailyn Cosmetics, and Eufora.  All three product lines are environmentally conscious and use organic ingredients when possible, and are created to meet the high demands of the artists needs for runway and photo shoot work.   In addition to the high quality of the products each product line has won numerous awards.   The hot tool line we use is T3 Micro.  T3 micro creates their hot tools with the health of the hair in mind and also wins numerous awards for their technological advances each year.  We believe these to be the very best products available in most cases for bridal beauty.


Can we do our own hair and/or makeup in the salon?  

Fluff is a business that is regulated by the Denver, Colorado City and State Department of Regulatory Agencies and require all professionals working within a business to be contracted by that business (Fluff Inc) and to have a valid state cosmetology license to perform beauty services.  By Colorado State law guests are not permitted to do beauty services on themselves or each other in the salon and artists that do not represent Fluff are not permitted to perform service in the Fluff salon.
Can we bring in our own Alcohol and/Food?

Yes.  You are welcome to bring in your own alcohol and food at no additional charge, we simply ask that you please show respect for our salon and clean up after yourselves.



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