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Ideal for all hair types, especially stressed and oily.

Urban Proof Shampoo is a detoxifying and purifying charcoal shampoo, designed to counteract the effects of urban pollutants such as heavy metals and fine powders that come into contact with our hair every day, depositing on the fibre.
It acts as a purifier, absorbing impurities, excess sebum and smog like a magnet.

Hair and scalp are regenerated after the detoxifying treatment. All impurities are removed and the hair is light, shiny and clean for longer.

The dark creamy texture formula is enhanced with the special anti-pollution shield of Urban Shield technology based on natural sugars derived from corn. The anti-pollution action protects against external pollutants, preserves the cosmetic colour duration and increases hair shine. 100% natural Bamboo Charcoal acts as a detoxifier for the scalp and hair, capturing and absorbing all impurities and preserving the essential elements for healthy hair thanks to its selective action.
The formula is free of paraffins and artificial colourings.


  • Ideal for all hair types, especially stressed and oily
  • Detoxifying and anti-pollution action
  • Creamy black texture
  • Deep cleansing and purifying
  • Urban Shield Technology
  • With 100% Natural bamboo Charcoal
  • Absorbs impurities like a “magnet”
  • Preserves the cosmetic colour for a long time
  • Without artificial colourings and Paraffin

  • Apply to a wet scalp and hair
  • Massage and rinse


Made in Italy.


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