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Alika Skin Architect Concealer
A new vision of perfection

Skin Architect Concealer is the new exclusive addition to the Skin Architect collection. The new amazing concealers deliver impeccable full coverage and a natural finish.  

Invisible yet essential allies, Alika Cosmetics concealers smooth skin complexion and hide flaws. They correct bags under the eyes and dark shadows, hide spots, redness, blemishes and scars. The concealers also lighten up the skin and hide skin lines to make you look more youthful and give you a perfectly smooth and luminous skin. No woman can resist a good concealer, it is essential to create a flawless make-up base. 

A high tech formula with full coverage and long-lasting hold studied to perfection by Alika Cosmetics make-up artists to correct and hide imperfections with a natural seamless finish. The velvety texture is highly pigmented and blends in with the skin to hide signs of tiredness and give a fresh and rested look with an imperceptible finish. 

Thanks to its high pigmentation, you will only need a small quantity of product to achieve full coverage. It is advisable to apply the concealer after the foundation only where needed. 

The make-up artist’s application secrets

Apply Skin Architect Concealer with the tip of your third finger. I recommend rubbing the concealer first to warm up the texture for increased performance. The formula was created for professional make-up artists, who are used to working the product to obtain a perfect result. Once applied, gently tap the product and fix with a powder. The powder will blend in with the pigments contained in the concealer to fix the make-up with a lon-lasting hold. 

For enhanced coverage, apply the Skin Architect Concealer with a latex sponge. Apply a small quantity of product at a time to avoid smudging and unflattering patches. 

Goodbye eye bags! Apply with gentle tapping underneath the eyes and in the inner and outer eye corner. Use the tip of your finger to tap the product and for optimal blending with the skin. Fix the concealer with a translucent powder using a powder brush to ensure impeccable coverage and maximum hold. The light creamy texture will not sit on skin lines and wrinkles to guarantee a radiant and natural finish. 

The stunning Skin Architect Concealer is available in 6 shades for varying skin tones:


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