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Fluff’s Denver Salon Specialties Include:

Fluff, considered to be among the best salons in Denver, is a sustainability conscious beauty salon experience offering services using only products offering the finest in clean, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients.

Fluff is dedicated to each and every one of our hair services being free from PPG, PEG’s/BG, Artificial Colorants, Sulfates, Petroleum, Parabens and Synthetic Fragrances.

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Fluff Denver Salon: Discover One of the Top Denver Salons for Hair & Beauty Services


Award-Winning Hair Salon in Denver

For more than a decade, Fluff has been considered one of Denver’s most glamorous, high-end salon experiences. As an award-winning salon, Fluff is consistently rated as one of Denver’s best salons. Fluff was Denver’s first style bar concept, and to this day continues to innovate and find new and exciting ways to celebrate our guests through beauty.

Fluff’s Vision

Establishing a conscientious brand that is committed to celebrating the art of beauty, our guests, and honoring the salon professional in an atmosphere that generates inspiration, growth, community, excellence, and respect.

Our Mission

To create an elevated experience for ourselves, our team, and our guests while accentuating natural beauty and celebrating the beauty within.

Expert Color and Balayage Artists in Denver

Our hand-selected Color and Balayage artists specialize in everything color, balayage and hair painting, highlights, color corrections, and more.

Extensions Studio and Style Bar Services

At our extensions studio and Style Bar, you’ll discover beautiful styles, up-dos, extensions, as well as bridal beauty. Fluff also features some of Denver’s highest quality professional makeup.

Top Hair and Makeup Talent in Denver

Fluff is pleased to work with some of Denver and Colorado’s top hair and makeup talent, and Fluff’s “New-Talent” training program helps to keep our artists ahead of the trend.

Denver’s Best Salon Experience

Whether the sidewalk is your runway or you need to be 100% camera-ready for an event, photo-shoot, special occasion, or just want to socialize with your friends over beauty services, Fluff is a specialty concept bar that is devoted to beauty, great champagne, celebration, and fun. Winner of many awards and accolades, Fluff could very well be Denver’s best and most complete salon experience.

Fluff’s History

Fluff was originally spawned in Los Angeles by savvy master celebrity hair artist Brittany Chambers and opened its first location in Denver in 2011.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Fluff, we are dedicated to excellence in all of the products and services that we offer. We are also devoted to creating the best possible experience for each guest. Whether you are visiting Denver and would like to stop in for a quick blow-dry, style and makeup, or you live in Denver and want Fluff to help keep your color and extensions looking “picture perfect,” we cannot wait for you to visit and make Fluff a part of your beauty routine.

Eco-Friendly, High-End Beauty Products

At our Denver salons, we hand select and use the finest and most exclusive products that use environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. We believe using top-quality products that offer the best performance helps us give our clients the best possible results.

We search the world over to locate and use the best possible organic (wherever possible) and environmentally conscious, ecologically friendly, high-end beauty products. We tend to source our products from Europe, which has the highest regulatory standards, or from smaller companies here in the USA sharing our vision towards sustainability. We believe our health and environmentally conscious standards and ethical and sustainable business practices help set us apart from other beauty businesses in our industry.

We try to stay away from products available at beauty stores, which generally offer inferior results.

Stay Connected and Book Online

We would always love to hear from you, so please keep in touch on social media, and you can always use our easy and convenient booking system to book your next blow-dry, style, makeup, balayage and color, or extensions appointment online!

Fluff – Celebrating Life through Beauty


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